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  • Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel

    SPI Chicago: Second City gets a second chance with solar

    By Felicity Carus - 22 October 2013, 12:03

    Chicago’s mayor Rahm Emmanuel yesterday fired the starting gun on Solar Power International 2013. Felicity Carus reports on the event’s opening day, which saw a call to arms to the US solar industry.

  • Second wave of PV development

    Solar 2.0: a brave new profitless world of 100GW demand

    By Felicity Carus - 15 October 2013, 11:50 | 2

    Solexant chief executive Brad Mattson’s forthcoming book seeks to chart the way ahead for the development of PV technology. He’d better publish it quickly, or it’s likely to be out of date even before it hits the shelves, says Felicity Carus.

  • Saudi savings

    Solar workhorses could overtake the Ferraris of PV and CSP

    By Felicity Carus - 08 October 2013, 10:17 | 1

    Glasspoint and Alion are not quite disruptive technologies, but in some markets, they might just be in the right place at the right time.

  • Solar lives to fight another day

    NEM lives to fight another day in California

    By Felicity Carus - 01 October 2013, 08:00

    The long-awaited report on net metering by the California Public Utilities Commission apparently sided with utility companies that claim the system unfairly discriminates against non solar users. But as Felicity Carus reports, the commission overlooks come inconvenient truths that will make the economics of solar hard to ignore.

  • Installation costs for small systems

    California’s solar gravitational pull pushes national prices higher

    By Felicity Carus - 23 September 2013, 23:32

    Although the solar market in the US has reached 10GW, size has not led to a consistent decrease in prices for consumers, even in leading state California. Felicity Carus looks at the drivers behind America’s patchwork PV market.

  • Toaster

    It’s game on when PV turns into toasters

    By Felicity Carus - 17 September 2013, 12:11

    The cost of solar still has a long way to fall in the US before being comparable with the likes of Germany. We’ll know we’re there when people pay as little attention to who made their PV panel as their toaster, says Felicity Carus.

  • Silicon Valley

    Palo Alto solar takes on star quality

    By Felicity Carus - 10 September 2013, 09:53

    Silicon Valley’s Palo Alto, home to the semi-conductor industry, practises what it preaches by being a big solar user. Felicity Carus looks at the drivers for PV adoption in the city.

  • RPS sunset

    Final countdown for solar costs in ‘next generation’ post-RPS world

    By Felicity Carus - 03 September 2013, 09:02

    Discussion in the US solar world is dominated by what happens when the Investment Tax Credit is wound down. But as Felicity Carus writes, even more pressing is what the solar landscape will look like when state Renewable Portfolio Standards have expired.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger with fellow panelists

    Why Schwarzenegger wants you disco-dancing with a solar-powered jacuzzi

    By Felicity Carus - 27 August 2013, 10:08 | 1

    Arnold Schwarzenegger may have retired to Hollywood, but the actor-turned-governor still pushes his image as a climate hero and clean energy champion, says Felicity Carus.

  • Slide 1

    Quest for consensus as some in solar industry seek peace agreement

    By Felicity Carus - 20 August 2013, 13:13

    Net energy metering for solar users has become the focal point of a fierce battle in the US, with utility companies seeking to undermine it. But the policy need not be at odds with utilities’ objectives, argues Felicity Carus.


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