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  • How many companies are left in China?

    PV for sale or rent: China’s 12GW virtual fab

    By Finlay Colville - 25 July 2013, 14:06

    The solar PV industry remains in a highly turbulent transition phase, still getting to grips with the scale of over-investment that occurred in 2010 and 2011. In fact, having just got back from a global PV road-trip that took in Germany, the US, Korea, China and Taiwan, it is apparent that the aftershocks within the industry are set to continue for some time yet.

  • Effective capacity stands at approximately 45GW

    What is effective PV manufacturing capacity?

    By Finlay Colville - 22 July 2013, 14:07

    One of the key issues that is still puzzling the PV industry is: what is the real – or effective – capacity today?

  • There is only one way to forecast CapEx, and that is bottom-up from the production line level, with segmentation by process flow variant and

    Would the leading PV equipment supplier please stand up?

    By Finlay Colville - 04 June 2013, 12:16

    It is hard to imagine any marketing scenario in which citing leading ranking metrics would be off the radar. But just think for one minute: when was the last time a PV equipment supplier announced leading ranking status with any fanfare? Or proclaimed a purchase order that would catapult revenues beyond fiscal year guided levels?

  • The PV installation on the roof of the Bentley Motors factory.

    UK solar PV demand reached 520MW in Q1 2013

    By Finlay Colville - 04 June 2013, 10:43

    The rush to build large-scale ground-mount projects to qualify for the 2ROCs incentive rate has pushed cumulative UK demand to 2.5GW. NPD Solarbuzz’s Finlay Colville looks at a record quarter for the UK.

  • Rhosygilwen in Pembrokeshire.

    Hanergy’s UK thin-film aspirations: realistic, optimistic or inevitable?

    By Finlay Colville - 17 May 2013, 11:01 | 2

    Thin-film manufacturer Hanergy this week announced its arrival in the UK with the acquisition of domestic solar provider Engensa. As the UK has little track record with thin-film PV, Finlay Coleville assesses what Hanergy’s motives are and how it will succeed.

  • Module manufacturing utilization rates at Trina Solar set to rise in 2013, according to annual report.

    Trina Solar’s annual report reveals production utilisation, top customer and financial insights

    By Tom Cheyney - 08 April 2013, 15:20 | 3

    Normally a sleeping aid for insomniacs, SEC filings can sometimes contain interesting insights into publicly traded companies. Tom Cheyney has dug a few out from Trina Solar’s latest filing.

  • Hanwha SolarOne supplied a total of 16 MWp of PV modules to ib vogt, for two separate PV parks in the United Kingdom

    Record breaking start to 2013 puts UK on solar world map

    By Finlay Colville - 27 March 2013, 15:33 | 2

    Forecasts suggest the UK will be the fifth largest PV market globally during the first quarter of this year. Finlay Colville assesses how this once small player is beginning to punch above its weight.

  • NPD Solarbuzz forecast scenarios for PV demand during 2013 highlighting the dependency on existing Western PV markets, adapted from March 20

    Global PV demand in 2013: The highs and lows of scenario forecasting

    By Finlay Colville - 18 March 2013, 11:23 | 1

    European PV demand will be the key swing factor for final global PV demand during 2013. Sound familiar? Demand from established ‘Western’ PV territories (Europe and North America) may comprise as little as 49% of global demand, but as much as 57%. Whether we end up closer to the upper end of this range or the lower range will ultimately shape the outcome of the PV industry this year.

  • to qualify for the World Cup, you first have to take the honours in your domestic league.

    PV World Cup restricted to domestic league winners

    By Finlay Colville - 09 March 2013, 15:51

    As though by chance, the UK PV industry chose the London 2012 Olympic Games year to mark its entrance on the global stage as a gigawatt-status PV end market. And by the time the FIFA Soccer World Cup gets underway in Rio in 2014, Brazil will have broken through the 100MW annual PV demand barrier.

  • PV demand in Europe reached 16.5GW in 2012, representing 57% of the 29 GW global PV demand in 2012. Source: NPD Solarbuzz Marketbuzz, March

    PV in Europe represented 16.5GW of global 29GW demand in 2012

    By Tim Murphy - 01 March 2013, 13:06

    For 2012, Europe retained its dominant position in global PV demand reaching 16.5GW, according to findings in the new NPD Solarbuzz Marketbuzz report.


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