The European Commission has formally concluded its investigation into how the minimum import price (MIP) for Chinese PV manufacturers is set, with the Bloomberg index to continue to be used.

EU ProSun had requested a review of the methodology after it claimed that Chinese manufacturers began submitting price data to the index en masse in order to drive down the price, and so the MIP. However, the commission has claimed that the addition of more Chinese companies in the voluntary index has only served to make it more representative of the global solar market.

The commission had indicated that it would back the Bloomberg index in November 2015.

The review was not concerned with the issue of currency conversion, which has seen the MIP sustained at the same level for three successive quarters, regardless of the ongoing reduction in the production costs of solar cells and modules.

EC formally closes investigation into import price benchmarking

The Commission said the index was more representative with the addition of more Chinese companies. Flickr: Glyn Lowe.

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