NRG, Kraft Group sign deal to expand PV installations at Patriot Place


The Kraft Group is bringing more power to the Patriots – solar power that is. The company recently signed a deal with NRG, which will see a 1MW installation completed at Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots, the New England Revolution and Patriot Place. Additionally, the companies plan to develop a full-sized wind turbine while NRG has agreed to provide all the additional power for the football stadium, retail and entertainment complex.

The solar installation will provide up to 60% of Patriot Place’s power using a combination of standard and translucent solar panels, which will partially cover the centre’s outdoor walkways. Rooftop panels will also be installed to bring the expected annual energy output for the system to 1.1 million kWh.

“We are excited to help The Kraft Group succeed in its vision to be a leader in making sustainable energy an integral part of its operations,” said David Crane, president and CEO of Princeton, N.J.-based NRG. “The Patriots have a unique bond with their fans, and through the incorporation of renewable energy in and around Gillette Stadium, The Kraft Group is sending a strong and highly visible message to the hundreds of thousands of visitors each year that renewable energy is a smart choice for business and consumers.”

Patriot Place already sports a 525kW PV power system and with the new 1MW solar array, Patriot Place will have, according to the companies, one of the largest solar power installations at an NFL stadium. Construction on the system is estimated to be completed in time for the 2012-2013 NFL season.


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