Order Focus: CNPV to supply 7MWp modules to India

  • CNPV claims it completed against over 20 other suppliers for the contract.
    CNPV claims it completed against over 20 other suppliers for the contract.

Chinese PV equipment manufacturer CNPV Solar Power SA’s financial troubles appears to have not dampened its expansionist plans.

The company announced it was recently awarded a contract to supply 7MWp solar modules to Navalakha Group of Maharashtra, India. Shipments are due to commence imminently.

CNPV claims it competed against over 20 other suppliers for the contract.

Last month, CNPV monocrystalline and multicrystalline modules successfully passed Potential Induced Degradation (PID) certification evaluation IEC62804, tested by Intertek.

Ponsekar Periyanadar, CNPV's VP Sales for South Asia said, “A hugely competitive market drives suppliers in two directions, either to cut prices with disregard to the customer’s true goals, or to fully understand the real needs of the end user and provide a techno-commercial offering specifically geared to fulfil the company's vision.

"The second option takes longer, but it is the backbone of the final agreement with the Navalakha Group. I am thoroughly delighted to have our involvement confirmed by the venerated Navalakha Group, and trust that this first delivery of 7MWp during December, will consummate a further 40-50MWp during 2013.”


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