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Solar Shakeout: Nanosolar cuts workforce

  • Media reports cite that Nanosolar has reduced its workforce by up to 75%. Image: Nanosolar.
    Media reports cite that Nanosolar has reduced its workforce by up to 75%. Image: Nanosolar.

Nanosolar, a US-based CIGS thin-film solar cell and module manufacturer, has confirmed that it cut its workforce last week with media reports citing up to a 75% reduction.

A statement sent to PV-Tech by Susan Lehman, a PR representative for Nanosolar confirmed that: “Nanosolar did experience a workforce reduction last week. At this time, the company is [in] a quiet period and will not be issuing any formal statements. Once we have more information to share, we will provide additional details.”

Nanosolar, however, would not confirm how many workers had been laid off.

In addition to its headquarters in San Jose, California, the company has an office in Switzerland as well as a 200,000 square feet solar cell printing factory in San Jose and a 500,000 square feet module assembly factory in Luckenwalde, Germany.

It also has 300 employees worldwide, as cited on the company’s website, and is backed by a number of cleantech investors and renewable energy generators. In addition, Nanosolar has received US$35 million in research and development grants from the U.S. Department of Energy and a US$10.3 million Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency R&D contract.


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