PV-Tech Newscast – December 14, 2012

Solar is winning the race and is set to be the fastest grower in the US renewables sector. Indeed, in the third quarter of 2012 PV surged to a record 684MW in the US and strong growth is forecast to continue with PV expected to account for 17% of total electricity generated from renewable energy sources apart from hydropower by 2040. In another round of financial results, the week's Newscast reveals that Suntech Power Holdings and Hanwha SolarOne both reported falling sales and have, in turn, lowered their full-year shipment guidance. In some brighter news, JinkoSolar has secured a US$1 billion financing deal to support its expansion plans while Sharp's triple-junction InGaAs solar cell has passed tests to show a record conversion efficiency of 37.7%. Over in South Africa, a host of companies including Hanwha SolarOne, ABB, GCL-Poly and Suntech have announced winning bids this week to build utility-scale projects under the government's renewable energy programme. Companies: ABB, GCL-Poly, Hanwha SolarOne, JinkoSolar, Sharp Corporation, Suntech Power Holdings

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