PV-Tech Newscast – December 7, 2012

Projects remain a hot topic this week with the standout project being Blue Energy's proposed 155MW PV plant in Ghana which will represent Africa's largest PV plant. Qatar is reportedly planning to launch a tender for 1.8GW of PV plants in 2014 and OCI Solar Power's 400MW PV power plant in Texas is progressing and will use inverters from KACO new energy. Meanwhile, India has issued a draft strategy for Phase II of the country's Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) to install 10GW by 2017, most of which will be utility-scale projects. Over in the US, eight solar research projects have received funding from the US Department of Energy while reports released this week show a tremendous variability across US PV pricing. And as the year quickly draws to a close, NPD Solarbuzz has predicted 2012 to be a "hangover" year where forecasts and guidance were rarely achieved. Companies: Blue Energy, KACO new energy, NPD Solarbuzz, OCI Solar Power

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  • Photovoltaics International 26th Edition

    Looking back, 2014 was a year of convalescence for a PV industry still battered and bruised from a period of ferocious competition. End-market demand continued apace, with analysts towards the end of 2014 predicting the year would see between around 45 and 50GW of deployment. That has begun to feed through to the supplier end of the market, with all the main manufacturers announcing capacity expansions in 2015 and further ahead.

  • Manufacturing The Solar Future: The 2014 Production Annual

    Although the past few years have proved extremely testing for PV equipment manufacturers, falling module prices have driven solar end-market demand to previously unseen levels. That demand is now starting to be felt by manufacturers, to the extent that leading companies are starting to talk about serious capacity expansions later this year and into 2015. This means that the next 12 months will be a critical period if companies throughout the supply chain are to take full advantage of the PV industry’s next growth phase.



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