PV-Tech Newscast – February 15, 2013

Signs of industry recovery are coming through loud and clear with orders picking up and several companies announcing the ramping up of their production lines including Wacker and Renewable Energy Corporation. While Panasonic has begun shipping its HIT modules from its Malaysian production base, PVcomB has ordered an active selenisation system from Smit Ovens BV, Tempress Systems has won a solar cell diffusion equipment order worth US$5.3 million and Intevac has won its first production order for its ENERGi ion implant system. Such positive signs are also supported by reports that global PV capacity has topped 100GW while UK PV capacity has surpassed the 2GW milestone. And if that's not enough to keep the industry smiling, NPD Solarbuzz has forecast that solar demand in Asia Pacific will grow by 50% to 13.5GW in 2013. Companies: Amtech, European Photovoltaic Industry Association, Intevac, NPD Solarbuzz, Panasonic Corporation, PVcomB, Renewable Energy Corporation, Smit Ovens BV, Tempress Systems, Wacker Chemie


  • Photovoltaics International 27th Edition

    Now that the PV industry has unquestionably entered a new growth phase, all eyes are on which technologies will win through into the mainstream of PV manufacturing. PERC, n-type, p-type bifacial, heterojunction – all have become familiar terms in the ever-growing constellation of solar cell technologies. The question is which will offer manufacturers what they are looking for in improving efficiencies and cutting costs.

  • Manufacturing The Solar Future: The 2014 Production Annual

    Although the past few years have proved extremely testing for PV equipment manufacturers, falling module prices have driven solar end-market demand to previously unseen levels. That demand is now starting to be felt by manufacturers, to the extent that leading companies are starting to talk about serious capacity expansions later this year and into 2015. This means that the next 12 months will be a critical period if companies throughout the supply chain are to take full advantage of the PV industry’s next growth phase.



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