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  • plant design that combines First Solar’s thin-film CdTe modules with GE’s new ProSolar 1500 Volt inverter/transformer system, which is claim

    First Solar and GE develop next-generation PV power plant

    19 March 2014, 17:28

    First Solar and GE’s Power Conversion business are utilizing their recently established technology and commercial partnership to develop a more cost effective and productive utility-scale PV power plant design that combines First Solar’s thin-film CdTe modules with GE’s new ProSolar 1500 Volt inverter/transformer system, which is claimed to be the largest inverter in the industry capable of accommodating 1,500 volt DC solar arrays.

  • JA Solar’s PERCIUM cell has surpassed a conversion efficiency of 20.3%, 1.3% higher than average mono-Si

    JA Solar’s ‘PERCIUM’ mono-Si modules surpass 20% conversion efficiencies

    27 February 2014, 12:37 | Comments (2)

    JA Solar is rolling-out globally a new series of high performance solar cells and modules in 2014. Highlights included the launch of its monocrystalline silicon (mono-Si) solar cell (156x156 mm2), ‘PERCIUM’ with 20%-plus conversion efficiency.

  • Sunny Boy 240 is designed for easy installation and connection due to the ready-made, easily identifiable plugs, pre-assembled AC cables and

    SMA Solar claims 50% less components in Sunny Boy 240 microinverter

    17 February 2014, 19:26 | Comments (1)

    SMA Solar Technology has launched a next-generation microinverter that claims to have 50% less component content than competitor versions. The ‘Sunny Boy 240’ microinverter is billed to be easy-to-install and provides an expandable modular solution for PV systems.

  • The latest rendition is said to assure layer adhesion that works after 3500 h damp heat testing.

    Isovoltaic’s ‘ICOSOLAR’ TPA HR backsheet offers harsh climate protection

    14 February 2014, 13:04

    Isovoltaic’s recently introduced PV module backsheet combines both ‘Tedlar’ and ‘Polyamide’ materials to provide improved characteristics for field durability and module efficiency increase, especially in challenging conditions.

  • The HIT-N245 module

    Panasonic’s upgraded HIT PV module available with 19.4 % conversion efficiency

    09 January 2014, 13:44

    Panasonic has launched the ‘HIT-N245’ and ‘HIT-N240’ PV modules. The HIT-N245 module has a conversion efficiency of 19.4% and comes with several upgraded features intended to provide overall improved operational performance, notably for residential rooftop markets.

  • FLEXcon has expanded its solar module backsheet ‘multiGUARD’ offering with the addition of Black/White and Black/Black products.

    FLEXcon offer black backsheet for aesthetically demanding PV module markets

    03 December 2013, 13:35

    FLEXcon has expanded its solar module backsheet ‘multiGUARD’ offering with the addition of Black/White and Black/Black products. The new, more aesthetically pleasing black backsheet products appeal to the high-end commercial market and a much greater portion of the residential market.

  • The system fully replaces slow, error-prone and costly off-line analysis methods.

    Meyer Burger and LayTec team on first fully integrated EVA cross-linking metrology solution

    04 July 2013, 11:18

    Meyer Burger and LayTec have collaborated to produce the world’s first fully integrated EVA cross-linking metrology solution for PV module production lines.

  • PV backsheet material is specifically designed for copper-based back-contact solar cell module lamination.

    KREMPEL offers rear-side contacting backsheet material

    27 June 2013, 13:04

    Designed for solar modules with cells for rear-side contacting, ‘AKACON BCF’ PV backsheet is being offered by the KREMPEL Group and is ready for volume production. The backsheet comes with a copper layer and is structured according to customer’s design for back-contact cells.

  • Designers can program the RD-195 to optimize the balance between arc-detection accuracy and false detection prevention to meet their system

    TI offers first reconfigurable DC arc detect reference solution

    16 May 2013, 11:32

    Texas Instruments has introduced the industry’s first fully programmable DC arc detect reference solution. The RD-195 makes it faster and easier for designers to address a growing need to safeguard high-power DC systems against the catastrophic damage that can result from arc faults.

  • HelioSeal PVS 120 is a butyl rubber based hot melt framing sealant which is delivered ready-to-use.

    Kömmerling’s ‘HelioSeal’ PVS 120 provides superior water and moisture vapour tightness frame sealing

    16 May 2013, 11:25

    Kömmerling has launched its new butyl based framing sealant ‘HelioSeal’ PVS 120. In contrast to existing framing sealants on the market HelioSeal PVS 120 is claimed to provide immediate green strength and superior water and moisture vapour tightness, while being hot applied and able to be used by hand or in fully automated high speed production lines.


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