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SolarWorld to sponsor solar decathlon Southwest and West Virginia teams

Teams from 20 universities in engineering and architecture compete in a functioning home that showcases solar power, cost affordability, des
Teams from 20 universities in engineering and architecture compete in a functioning home that showcases solar power, cost affordability, design appeal and energy efficiency.

US solar manufacturer, SolarWorld, is to sponsor a joint team from Arizona State University and University of New Mexico as well as a team from West Virginia University in the Solar Decathlon organized by the US Department of Energy.

The solar-home-design competition is organised every other autumn from 3 to 14 October at a venue outside of Washington DC. This year contest will be held at Orange County Great Park in California where the SolarWorld’s manufacturing unit is located.

The contestants are students in the department of engineering and architecture from 20 universities. The teams will present a functioning home that showcases solar power in design befitting the climate, lifestyles and traditions of their universities’ locales.

The teams will compete in home dimensions, cost affordability, design appeal and energy efficiency.

The ASU-UNM home design, SHADE “solar homes adapting for desert equilibrium” is made for starter homes to fill vacant lots in desert cities in Phoenix and Albuquerque.

The team from West Virginia University, based in Morgantown, will present its project called PEAK, “preserving energy with Appalachian knowledge” which features “smart” digital technologies as well as passive and active energy elements for log-cabin construction in Appalachia.

The team’s website said: “Through its rustic, wholesome design, the team hopes to inspire individuals to get back to the roots of American pioneers.”

The team has formed a partnership with students at the University of Rome Tor Vergata for the project’s architecture.

SolarWorld has installed a residential solar business for its panels, including a network of the company’s authorised installers.

SolarWorld will donate 36 of its black solar panels for the ASU-UNM home.

Kevin Kilkelly, SolarWorld Americas’ president said: “As a company building on decades of solar innovation, SolarWorld fully grasps the power of new ideas. So we want to encourage innovation in this competitive showcase of residential solar concepts that comes just once every two years.”


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