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Edgar Gunther is a photovoltaic enthusiast who researches and pens the GUNTHER Portfolio under the Photovoltaic Blogger moniker.

PV Talk: SolAero’s solar UAV strategy

SolAero Technologies is developing thin-film technology for the US Navy's solar drone programme, as previously explored on PV Tech. In a follow-up piece, Edgar A. Gunther gets more details from the firm and explores the current price points for high-performance cells.

Making PV transparent: The ultimate BIPV solution?

Transparent PV (TPV) aims to optimize both the transmission of visible light while maximizing power conversion. Edgar A. Gunther explores some of the companies making major headway towards mainstreaming see-through solar.

Where is GE’s LV5+ silicon carbide inverter?

Introduced at Solar Power International 2016, GE’s LV5+ Solar Inverter was touted as the first multi-MW, 1500V DC, next generation, utility-scale inverter product line based on Silicon Carbide (SiC). Edgar A. Gunter asks, where is it?