Felicity Carus is the only UK journalist to be regularly reporting on clean energy policy and finance from California for a global audience. Before arriving in San Francisco in 2010, Felicity was on the Guardian's environment desk in London after stints at the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia and Interfax in Russia. She first "broke" into the renewables industry with a commission in the mid-90s to write a book on how to install a solar water heating system with a rusty old radiator. The industry has come a long way since then, thankfully…

So long, and thanks for all the sunshine

In her final blog for PV Tech, Felicity Carus reflects on the changes she has seen in her time as an observer of the US solar market. Although huge challenges remain, the industry is in great health, she writes.

CSP around the clock keeps developers up all night

Concentrated solar power has had a difficult year in the US, with several high-profile projects being turned down or shelved. But as Felicity Carus reports, it's a technology that still has some distance to run.

Solar trade wars: are you winning yet?

Trade disputes with the Chinese are still rumbling on in the US and Europe. As Felicity Carus reports, although efforts are still ongoing to find a settlement, the only winners so far have been Taiwanese cell manufacturers.

We need to talk about utility-scale solar…

Although much of the focus of debate in the US has been around residential and commercial solar, utility-scale projects represent the largest segment in America's PV market. But as Felicity Carus, the days of the PV 'mega' project could be numbered.

Welcome to Canada, the new Germany for solar PV

Solar deployment in Canada has so far largely been restricted to its biggest economy, Ontario. But as Felicity Carus reports, other provinces are now beginning to consider the technology, even Alberta, home to the controversial tar sands.

When will commercial solar hit the roof?

With the spotlight frequently shining on residential and utility-scale solar in the US, the commercial and industrial segments are often left in the dark. Felicity Carus reports on how they could shortly have their moment in the limelight.

Are utilities finally learning to love residential solar?

Investor-owned utility companies are often seen as the enemies of the US's booming residential solar industry. But as Felicity Carus reports they are also emerging as solar providers themselves, with plenty more scope for their role to grow.

DoE’s Minh Le: Preparing for solar’s ‘giant leap’ to $1/W.

Solar 2.0: a brave new profitless world of 100GW demand

Solexant chief executive Brad Mattson's forthcoming book seeks to chart the way ahead for the development of PV technology. He'd better publish it quickly, or it's likely to be out of date even before it hits the shelves, says Felicity Carus.