If you thought Italian PV installation figures looked crazy, then you haven’t seen the UK’s! The database run by Ofgem, the UK agency that logs and reports PV installations in the UK, has been experiencing a few problems. The system is not functioning correctly and is showing a not-too-insignificant 47GW having been installed in January alone! Yes, that’s right, 47GW.

The problem and hopefully the solution are detailed in this blog written by Emma Hughes, Editor of the Solar Power Portal, PV-Tech's UK-dedicated sister website.

This wouldn’t happen in Germany, would it? Though at least the UK is being transparent with installation figures, compared to the likes of France and the Czech Republic.

The UK has also launched a public website that shows by postcode with maps where all the crimes in the UK are being committed. I remember seeing television reports highlighting the website would go live the next day and thinking to myself that it would be so inundated with visitors that I doubt it would be functioning for long before crashing.

Yesterday, to no surprise to me, news stories highlighted that it did indeed crash and they were sorting out the problem. Of course, they didn’t have the foresight to realise that this was 100% inevitable. Ho hum…