New Product: teamtechnik boosts stringer system uptime and reduces footprint


Product Briefing Outline: teamtechnik has specialized on high-throughput stringer machines for the global photovoltaic industry. These high-performance production tools are designed to combine reliable large-scale series production with unexcelled levels of string quality. The standard stringers TT 900 and TT 1200 operate at respective rates of 900 and 1200 cycles per hour. The two units are the offspring of a singular modular construction system. Thus two TT 1200 stringers will operate at 2400 cycles per hour in a 50MW system.

Problem: Module assembly is one the most expensive steps in c-Si cell/module production. Fully automated and integrated tabber/stringer systems need to have high throughput and high yield to support PV manufacturers cost reduction strategies.

Solution: All TT stringers feature contactless, controlled soldering technology. teamtechnik specializes in soldering techniques that rely on infrared light or laser. Both techniques are available for optional integration in every teamtechnik stringer. The laser technology serves as a valuable source of enhanced flexibility for dealing with different materials; it ensures optimal results when soldering an extensive array of cell, ribbon and flux combinations. As production proceeds, the controlled process technology compensates for variations in cell material to minimize breakage while ensuring consistent string quality, time after time. Each of the heating zones in the TT stringer can be adjusted individually. By allowing operators to precision-tune temperatures in each zone, this feature makes it possible to specify the ideal thermal conditions for each cell type prior to, during and after the soldering process. A distinctive asset for users who process different cell types on a single production assembly. A special hold-down device featuring the functionality of a positioning tool guarantees that ribbons are precisely positioned on the cells. The resulting strings offer convincing geometrical quality by combining improved alignment, linearity, length and cell intervals with excellent cell and ribbon positioning.

Applications: Standard and back contact cells (BC / EFG / film). Wafer thickness > 160 µm with 2 and 3 bus bars.

Platform: teamtechnik stringers transport the cells “sunny side down” – a concept to keep cell-handling to an absolute minimum. This same “sunny side down” principle makes it possible to process BC cells on a single production machine. The systems are designed as a flexible modular system and can be equipped with a wide range of soldering technology:

Availability: Currently available.

23 August 2022
Intersolar South America, South America’s largest exhibition and conference for the solar industry, takes place at the Expo Center Norte in São Paulo, Brazil, on August 23–25, 2022, and has a focus on the areas of photovoltaics, PV production and solar thermal technologies. At the accompanying Intersolar South America Conference, renowned experts shed light on hot topics in the solar industry. In 2021 – despite the Covid-19 pandemic – Intersolar South America welcomed more than 28,000 visitors and over 1,000 conference attendees over 3 days. 200+ providers showcased their products. Combining local and international expertise, Intersolar South America brings together the PV and solar thermal sector to discuss the current status and strategic trends for Latin American PV markets, as well as technology innovations and new business opportunities. Overall, distributed generation is still driving momentum in the Brazilian market. Get 10% off with code 38LCF6KN
6 September 2022
Intersolar Mexico sits at the cross-section of photovoltaics, solar heating & cooling technologies, and energy storage. The event serves as the industry’s go-to source for invaluable technology trends and premier B2B contacts in the promising Mexican solar market. From September 6–8, 2022 Intersolar Mexico together with the co-located The GREEN Expo® and Aquatech Mexico will take place in Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City.
7 September 2022
The demand for rooftop solar PV is soaring, driven by falling costs of the technology against energy crises that are gripping countries globally. But while an increasing number of households turn to solar to generate their own electricity, there is now a need for more specialist equipment, technologies and services to ensure the solar transition can reach as many customers as possible. Delivering these is now a major challenge for rooftop solar installers. This webinar will analyse the characteristics of the rooftop solar market, discussing how the products, logistics, installation and servicing of solar systems has evolved in line with consumer demands.
14 September 2022
Join us in London for 2 days as we look at the UK’s new landscape for utility & rooftop solar. Understand the new opportunities within this GW-plus annual market!
15 September 2022
Bifacial PV modules will be the dominant solar PV technology globally within one or two years; in the utility-scale sector, their market share is already above 70%. This webinar will provide a clear view on the successful implementation of bifacial technology, maximizing system performance and minimising LCoE.
19 September 2022
RE+ 2022 is the umbrella event that includes SPI, ESI, RE+ Power, and RE+ Infrastructure. As North America's largest renewable energy event, it's a catalyst for industry innovation that's supercharging business growth in the clean energy economy.

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