Suniva’s request for the US government to place levies on global solar imports is an “abuse of trade remedies”, a spokesperson for China’s ministry of commerce has said.

The bankrupt US manufacturer petitioned the country’s International Trade Commission (US ITC) to place a minimum charge of US$0.78/W on modules imported into the country. The safeguard case does not require proof of unfair trade practices, only that imports are the largest source of injury to the domestic industry.

The spokesperson added that the US had already put in place anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures and that with this in mind, the launch of a safeguard investigation “will be [an] abuse of trade remedy measures and over-protection of domestic industries”.

An official record of the spokesperson’s comments goes on to say that it has serious concerns and believes safeguarding measures would “disrupt the normal development of the global PV industry chain”.

They also said that it was in all countries’ interests to pursue free trade in an industry of strategic importance.

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