India-based conglomerate Adani Enterprises has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to jointly build with the Government of Rajasthan a single 10GW PV power plant in the province. 

Adani said that it would form a joint venture with Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Ltd to build the plant, which would also include a manufacturing facility for PV modules, parts and equipment. No further details were provided. 

Adani also reiterated plans with SunEdison over plans to build and operate a US$4 billion fully-integrated PV manufacturing complex. SunEdison said at the time when the deal was outlined that it would undertake a feasibility study for the project before going ahead. Many news reports have assumed the deal was concluded.

“India has embarked upon an ambitious program of becoming a world leader in renewable power generation, with a special focus on solar,” said Gautam Adani, Chairman, Adani Group. “The development of Solar Park facility is our contribution towards realization of our Honorable Prime Minister’s campaign and commitment towards clean and green energy in India.”

Adani has come under increased scrutiny and criticism in the last week over massive plans to develop coal mining and port expansions in Queensland, Australia, which would require government financial support to make the projects viable. 

Concerns have been raised in media reports over the projects financial viability and environmental impact, including on the Great Barrier Reef. Questions had also been raised over Gautam Adani’s brother and his involvement in ownership of key assets such as the port facility planned for expansion with the coal mining plans. 

Gautam Adani is claimed to have close links to India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi who has launched plans to expand PV installations in the country to 100GW bu 2022.