Thin-film products supplier Advanced Energy (AE) has announced a sales and service distribution partnerships with Taiwan-based Scientech Corporation and Collaborated Service Solution.

Scientech will represent all thin film and solar energy products in Taiwan, providing locally managed sales and marketing services, while AE's Solar Energy business unit will maintain responsibility for solar inverter support. All other product repair and service operations in Taiwan will be managed through the partnership with CSS.

AE said these new partnerships were part of its long-term strategy to align sales, marketing and support capabilities with its evolving global customer footprint through enhanced local capabilities and response, while leveraging a world-class global operations infrastructure.

Furthermore, AE's Taiwan office will relocate from Taipei to the Scientech facility in Hsinchu, Taiwan, while all product repair operations will remain in Taipei under the management of CSS.

AE has not released details of costs associated with these relocations; however, in its third quarter financial report last year, the company said that it incurred a million charge when it transferred some operations to China.

The local AE staff includes a sales service and technical support management team.

Gordon Tredger, president of AE Solar Energy, said, "The solar inverter market in Taiwan is dynamic, and we take pride in the impact we have already made with our inverter solutions."

The Taiwanese solar market target was increased to 30% in November last year, although the government also further decreased its feed-in tariffs for 2013.