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California-based concentrated PV (CPV) manufacturer Amonix claims to have beaten a record it set earlier this year by achieving a 35.9% efficiency rate for a CPV module.

The efficiency level, achieved in a National Renewable Energy Laboratory trial, supersedes the 34.9% average efficiency the company recorded in a similar test in April.

The trial was conducted under recently adopted International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) test conditions for CPV of 1000 W/m2 and 25 degrees Celsius cell temperature.

“This 35.9% IEC CSTC module efficiency is a direct comparison to PV module efficiencies, which are often reported at IEC standard test conditions,” said Vahan Garboushian, Amonix founder and chief technology officer.

“With the advent of higher efficiency cells from companies like Solar Junction, Amonix anticipates achieving considerably higher module efficiencies and breaking our currently standing world records in the very near future.”