A growing number of reports are suggesting that an anti-dumping case could be brought against Chinese PV manufacturers in the EU within the next month. However, rumours started circulating that SolarWorld would file a case in the European court as early as next week, in time for the start of the PV industry’s largest annual exhibition, Intersolar Europe. Reports have also noted that the German government or a government from another EU country could actually file the case over the coming weeks.

The risk of such an action intensified after the recent imposition of punitive tariffs on Chinese-made solar cells imported into the US by the US Department of Commerce. The anti-dumping case was brought to the US Government by Germany’s SolarWorld, and several unidentified PV manufacturers in the US. SolarWorld has module manufacturing operations in the US.

However, although the US' imposed tariffs are intended to make the US market more competitive for US-based manufacturers to compete within the domestic market, the German PV market alone is several times larger than the US market.

On an EU-wide basis, any import tariffs imposed on Chinese manufactured modules and/or solar cells could have significantly larger ramifications than those expected by industry analysts, in regards to the US PV market.

SolarWorld was recently reported to be axing over 200 jobs at its manufacturing operations in Germany, blaming dumping and changes to the German FiT for the headcount reduction.

In a research note to investors, post JA Solar’s first quarter results, Jeffries equity analyst, Jesse Pichel said that he expected a trade case to be filed in the EU in June 2012.