The Ashalim Sun PV consortium has successfully bid for the construction and development of a 30MW PV plant to be located in the Negev desert, southern Israel, according to a Reuters report. Scheduled to commence operation in early 2015, the plant will be constructed adjacent to two solar thermal plants in Ashalim, each of which will generate 110MW.

The three plants will generate approximately 250MW of electricity, accounting for around 2% of Israel’s total annual requirements. The overall project will also contribute towards the country’s goal of generating 10% of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2020.

Ashalim Sun, an evenly held joint venture between Clal Sun and SunEdison, offered a bid of 0.5365 shekels (14 cents) per kWh in the tender process – one of four groups to bid for the project’s construction. As successful bidders, Ashalim Sun will be operators of the plant for a 27-year duration; operation of the project will switch to the government.