Austria is anticipating 2013 to set a record for new PV installations, with over 250MW of new capacity expected by the end of the year.

A report issued by the country’s industry body, the Austria Photovoltaic Association, said the 268.7MW of PV capacity added this year takes the country’s cumulative total to 612.9MW.

Around 150MW of the 2013 capacity was financed through Austria’s green energy subsidies, but around 63MW has been funded through the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund.

The report noted that the proportion of PV being built without subsidies has also risen

Hans Kronberger, president of the Austria Photovoltaic Association, said the progress made in 2013 puts the country’s renewable energy goals within reach.

“The goal in 2020 of 8% of Austria's electricity needs being covered by photovoltaic electricity is therefore more than in range,” he said.