Solar project developer Belectric has connected what is said to be Europe's largest thin-film solar PV plant to the grid in Templin, Germany.

The plant has an installed capacity of 128MW and uses over 1.5 million thin-film modules made by US manufacturer First Solar and 114 central inverters from SMA.

It has been built on Gross Dölln, a former Russian military airfield, and will supply electricity primarily to the German capital Berlin.

Bernhard Beck, chief executive of BELECTRIC, said: "Decentralised solar power plants will play a decisive role in the future structure of the power market in Germany.

“Power from plants like this is the most economical method of generating power from solar energy. At present, we have almost reached the power production cost level of onshore wind.”

Stefan Degener, head of business development Europe at First Solar, added: “The project underscores our technology's power to compete in solar power plants. Large ground-mounted photovoltaic plants not only contribute to stable power supply, they also ensure power supply at stable prices over the long term.”