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The Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) released a new report on solar energy policy recommendations for the province of Alberta Monday.

The report, titled “From Proven Reserve to Developed Resource: Realising the True Value of Solar Energy in Alberta,” was constructed due to research and recommendations provided by Alberta government officials and industry leaders.

John Gorman, president and CEO of CanSIA, said: This is a 'Made in Alberta' blueprint designed to round out the provinces' electricity system. Alberta is clearly a leader in oil and gas; these recommendations pave the way to making it a leader in renewable energy as well."

The report was compiled after the announcement that the Alberta Government wanted a “Renewable and Alternative Energy Framework” in 2014. CanSIA is using their report to suggest policy changes for the province, which needs an additional 7000MW of new power generation due to the news that Alberta plans to shut down its coal-fired power plants.

Gorman continued: "Alberta has before it a great opportunity to embrace the huge benefits of solar. The sun shines in Alberta more than in any other province, and Albertans understand the value of a strong energy resource. We've been talking about it for years, it's now time to move forward."

The report advised the government of Alberta to:

·      Create a renewable and alternative energy framework allows for a minimum of 1.5% of Alberta’s energy demand to be generated from solar by 2022.

·      Increase the price for exported PV energy in order to reflect proper market value, allowing Albertans to see the fair value for PV electricity.

·      Establish a Change and Emissions Management Fund (CCEMF) program in order to expand the solar market into both residential and non-residential areas with “Clean-Energy-Adders” in order to support the mission of the Climate Change and Emissions Management Fund (CCEMC) program.

·      Create an Interim Demonstration Pilot Program for Large-Scale Solar in order to allow for 150MW build capacity.