Walgreens customers, who also happen to own an electric vehicle, can now fill a prescription while also charging their car in the Orlando, Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida areas. Walgreens teamed with Car Charging Group to install EV charging services to 13 Florida store locations and plan to expand their EV charging reach to other locales, including at Walgreens stores in Phoenix, Arizona, Akron, Canton and Columbus, Ohio, and Austin, Texas.

Car Charging Group installed Level II charging stations at the Florida Walgreen stores, which provide 240V and 32 amps of power for an EV vehicle’s battery. The charging stations use the standard SAE J1772 connector.

"Environmental sustainability is part of Walgreens commitment to help our customers live well, stay well and get well," said Walgreens market vice president Marlin Hutchens. "As more people choose greener, healthier lifestyles, we are excited to work with Car Charging Group to expand convenient EV charging options in the Orlando and Tampa/St. Petersburg areas as well as in several new states and markets to come."