A further 52 Chinese firms have been selected to feature on a list of government-approved manufacturers.

Earlier this year the Chinese government revealed what was dubbed a ‘cull list’ of 109 companies that would receive favourable treatment in terms of state support.

Now, it has emerged that at the end of June the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology added 52 more companies.

The aim of the list was to introduce greater standardisation within China’s PV industry in areas such as R&D, quality control and sound environmental practices.

Although when the list was first published some observers said it was tantamount to the Chinese state cutting the cord on failing manufacturers, analyst firm IHS said at the time said it was unlikely the Chinese government would push firms not on the list out of business.

The significance of the list in this regard remains uncertain, though companies on it will certainly be able to more easily access state support and tax benefits.

One of the companies among the 52 now on the list, the module manufacturer Perlight Solar, said in a statement: “The purpose of ‘PV manufacturing industry norms conditions’ [sic] is to improve and standardise the photovoltaic manufacturing industry, eliminate backward production capacity, accelerate the PV industry to upgrade and develop the industry entry threshold; it has made strict quantitative requirements on corporate R&D, technology, quality control, marketing, production capacity, energy consumption and environmental protection.

“The whole group is inspired and encouraged by passing the audition; In recent years, the photovoltaic industry has been through ups and downs, this makes our industry more difficult to survive.”