Solar cell and module manufacturer China Sunergy has regained compliance with the continued listing requirements of the NASDAQ Stock Market, the company announced Friday.

China Sunergy received a letter from the Listing Qualifications Department of the NASDAQ on 10 March 2015, informing them of the news.

Back on 7 January 2015, China Sunergy received a notice from the NASDAQ notifying the company that it failed to submit a file on Form 6-K, an interim balance sheet and income for a period of time ending on 30 June 2014, a required document according to the listing department.

Later, on 22 January 2015, the NASDAQ informed China Sunergy that is no longer reached the minimum value of publically held shares (MVPHS) of US$15,000,000 in order to be on the continued listing of the NASDAQ Global Market.

On 3 March 2015, China Sunergy later filed its second quarter interim financials on Form 6-K for the period ending on June 30, 2014 — while its MVPHS for ten consecutive trading days (12 February 2015 – 9 March 2015) stood at US$15,000,000 or higher. As a result, the company regained its listing on the stock market.