China has expressed its deep regret at the European Commission’s decision to start its investigations, a statement released by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce has said. MOFCOM has sent a delegation to Europe to negotiate China’s position and to safeguard the interest of Chinese enterprises.

Spokesman for the Chinese government, Chong Quan, states, “The Chinese side hopes to resolve trade frictions through consultation. Our position to cooperate has not changed and I hope that the European Union will be prudent to not take trade protection measures but to encourage cooperation between the two sides, common development and create better working conditions.”

MOFCOM spokesman Shen Danyang commented that the European Commission insisted in launching the anti-dumping investigation although China has repeatedly called for consultation and cooperation to solve the trade friction of PV products.

According to Danyang, world economic recovery has stagnated since the financial crisis broke out and the PV industry is facing challenges and bankruptcy, with China as no exception. The development of the global PV industry of today makes it impossible for us to separate one from the other and the PV industries of China and EU are interdependent and mutually beneficial. Restricting Chinese PV products not only hurts the interests of PV industries on both sides, but also will destroy the sound development of global PV industry and clean energy.

Danyang stressed that, "It is never too late to mend."

China again urges the EU to honour commitments made at the G20 summit in Los Cabos to avoid taking any new measures on trade and investment protectionism before 2014 and to roll back any new protectionism measures implemented.

China is calling on the EU to seriously consider China's position and proposals, proceeding from the overall interests of China-EU economic and trade cooperation, so as to solve trade frictions in PV products through consultation and cooperation.