According to the official Chinese government’s news channel, the National Energy Administration is expected to set a 20GW per annum solar quota through 2020.

The agency has recently raised the quota target for 2015, amid grid connection constraints in a number of provinces, allowing other provinces that have already met quota’s, add further capacity that could see PV installations top 20GW in 2015.

However, the agency was also said to encouraging further PV manufacturing consolidation and access to finance as the sector struggles with continued overcapacity and need for capital expenditure for the downstream market, especially since the significant decline a Chinese listed PV companies this year, which is hampering their ability to raise funds. 

Should the planned increase in the quota system be introduced, China would be expected to reach around 150GW of installed PV by the end of 2020, solidifying its leading position, compared to more than 36GW already deployed.