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Cupertino Electric, a specialist in the design and installation of customised electrical solutions, has installed 5.9MW of PV capacity for Clovis Unified School District in California, US.

The company installed PV arrays at 21 sites across the school district as part of the first phase of the project. The arrays include a canopy for a car park and a solar equipped shading structure for a playground.

The arrays are fully operational and are generating electricity for consumption at several elementary schools in the district including Clovis Elementary School, Fugman Elementary School, Nelson Elementary School, Riverview Elementary School and Mountain View Elementary School.

The PV systems were also designed by Cupertino Electric and the project represents the largest school solar project in California’s Central Valley, the company claims. The arrays are expected to save the school district US$2.4 million annually and when the entire project is complete, scheduled for December 2013, it will generate around 8.4 million kWh a year.

“The 21-site Clovis Unified School District project represents one of the largest school-based solar projects constructed by Cupertino Electric,” said Don Hartman, project manager for Cupertino Electric. “Despite the challenges associated with safely and effectively installing multiple solar systems on facilities occupied by students and staff, we at Cupertino Electric welcome the challenge. Our ability to meet this first major milestone is a testament to the teamwork and community commitment that we are grateful to have on this project.”