The US Department of Energy has finalized another loan guarantee, this time for $90.6 million to Cogentrix for the 30MW Alamosa Solar Generating Project, which uses Amonix high-concentration PV dual-axis tracker systems. When the utility-scale installation is completed next year, the site will be the largest CPV-based power plant in the world. 

The project is located near the city of Alamosa in south-central Colorado, an area with high amounts of direct sunlight and excellent average solar insolation.

The Alamosa facility is expected to produce enough clean renewable energy per year to power more than 6,500 homes. It is supported by a power purchase agreement, under the terms of which the Public Service Company of Colorado will buy the power generated by the solar power plant facility for the next 20 years.

In addition to up to 100 construction and 10 operational jobs supported by the PV farm, the project is expected to source more than 80% of its components from the United States, including products fabricated and assembled at Amonix's factories in Southern California and Nevada.

Earlier this year, Amonix saw connected what is the reigning largest CPV system in North America, a 5MW array in New Mexico.

In addition, the company recently received another DOE award as part of the SunShot initiative, a $4.474 million grant  to develop new dual-axis tracking systems specifically designed for CPV.