Dominion Retail, a subsidiary of energy producer Dominion, has announced a partnership with solar technology company SunPower to provide SunPower’s solar power systems to homeowners in New Jersey.

As part of the agreement, Dominion Energy Solutions will offer program details to customers through a marketing campaign slated to start up this summer.

Mary Doswell, senior vice president of Dominion Energy Solutions, said: "New Jersey is one of the fastest growing solar markets in the U.S. To serve that demand, we're pleased to offer high-efficiency SunPower solar power systems to qualified homeowners in the state. With financing options including lease, loan or cash purchase, this program makes it easy for homeowners to go solar, maximizing electricity cost savings while reducing the family's carbon footprint."

Before designing and installing a SunPower system, SunPower dealers will work with homeowners to chart a suitable financing option — with system ownership or solar leases standing as possible avenues to take.