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US electric power holding company Duke Energy has sent out a request for proposals (RFP) for up to 50MW of new PV energy capacity in North Carolina.

The new PV projects that are 2MW or higher will be rolled into Duke Energy’s Green Source Rider — a program which will give customers of Duke Energy Carolinas the ability to supply new electric loads with renewable energy. The Green Source Rider program was approved by the North Carolina Utilities Commission in late 2013.

Rob Caldwell, senior vice president of distributed energy resources at Duke Energy, said: “We explored multiple options with potential Green Source Rider-qualified customers over the past year, and in-state solar appears to be a good fit for meeting their needs. We will work with these customers to identify the best projects at the most competitive price."

Duke Energy will be looking for projects 2MW or larger in area maintained by Duke Energy Carolinas. The company will give developers the option to either sell power for up to 15 years or negotiate with Duke Energy for the utility to eventually purchase ownership of the new plant.

Caldwell later added that Duke Energy would like for the projects to commence operations by the end of 2015.