Enerplan is demanding the new French administration put its money where its mouth is to show its commitment to the solar industry as promised by President-elect François Hollande. The Association has called on the new Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy Nicole Bricq to implement three emergency measures to boost solar power in what has become a turbulent and unpredictable industry. Enerplan claims 15,000 or 25,000 existing jobs have been lost and further job losses need to be avoided at all cost.

Enerplan asks the new government to implement the following:

1. Stabilize purchase prices to maintain a reasonable economic return and revitalize the market.

2. Expand the feed-in tariff to apply installations up to 250kWp in 2012.

3. Promote the benefits of solar thermal and photovoltaic energy generation in France.

"During this presidential term, it is expected that solar electricity will become competitive compared to the cost of electricity delivered by the network. These proposals from Enerplan aim to help the industry take this step so that development of solar energy improves energy independence and helps create local jobs," notes Thierry Mueth, president Enerplan.