SEMI Europe / PV Group has announced and presented the SEMI Europe Standards Merit Award 2009. The award was presented by Anton Milner, CEO of Q-Cells, to the PV EIS Taskforce at the EPIA/SEMI PV Standards Technical Committee meeting on 22 September.

The award goes to the team for their year and a half of work on developing the "SEMI PV2 Guide for PV Equipment Communication Interfaces" that presents the framework to Standardize PV Manufacturing Equipment Communication Interfaces.

SEMI PV2 standard, published in July 2009, defines a unified equipment communication interface for PV production systems, and is expected to provide shorter ramp-up times, increased functionality, simplified requirement specifications, and increased potential cost savings for manufacturers.

"It is first time since the award was established in 2001 that it is presented to an entire team for their work. It is well deserved, congratulations!" said Carlos Lee from SEMI Europe PV Group.


Members of the PV EIS Taskforce

  • Mathias Glaser, Manz Automation (taskforce leader)
  • Matthias Meier, Fraunhofer IPA (taskforce leader)
  • Michael Kurz, acp-IT
  • Manuel Boltz, acp-IT
  • Friedemann Fincke, AIS Automation
  • Volker Buschendorf, AIS Automation
  • Hans-Peter Jakob, Centrotherm
  • Bruce Febvret, Cimetrix
  • Brian Rubow, Cimetrix
  • Stefan Rein, Fraunhofer ISE
  • Martin Zennig, Jonas & Redmann
  • Eberhard Teichmann, PEER Group
  • Christian Hoffmann, PEER Group
  • Dietmar Risse, RENA
  • Thomas Vonderstrass, Solarworld
  • Gerhard Kleineidam, InReCon (taskforce originator in the early phase)
  • Kevin Reddig, Fraunhofer IPA (taskforce originator in the early phase)