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An umbrella organisation called the Federal Association of Energy Storage has been formed to advance the development of a stable energy storage market in Germany.

The association, based in Berlin, aims to represent the growing number of energy storage companies while creating a strong network among them. Energy storage is seen as a key technology to support the future development of renewable energy, particularly solar, as feed-in tariffs decline in many parts of the world.

Professor Eicke Weber, spokesman for the Fraunhofer Energy Alliance and director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems in Freiburg, has been appointed the Association’s first president.  

Association CEO is Dr. Harald Binder, Vice-President and General Manager of Applied Materials.

Professor Weber said: "Our association's mission is to establish energy storage as an energy resource in addition to the conventional and renewable generation in order to promote a more efficient, more reliable, cheaper and safer energy supply.”

Professor Weber added: “To fulfil this vision, we want to encourage the development of a stable energy storage market in Germany which is then used worldwide as a model for other markets in Europe and other countries.”

The association, which has issued an invitation for new members, said its first official project will be to create an "energy storage roadmap," which will define the role energy storage plays in Germany’s energy revolution.

The Federal Association of Energy Storage  will have its first meeting at the Energy Storage Conference Exhibition in Dusseldorf this March.