According to Germany’s Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagetur), the country managed to install just 95.5MW of PV capacity during the month of June 2015.

According to the Bundesnetzagetur, Germany boasted a total installed capacity of 38,850MWp by the end of June.

Over the past few years, Germany has seen its PV installation rates drop, with the country installing 1.89GW of solar capacity in 2014, a total far below the estimated 2.8GW set by analysts at EuPD Research — and a far cry from the 7.6GW of capacity installed back in 2012.

In February 2015, the German government noted that ground-mounted solar would be curtailed to 1.2GW between 2015-17, with auctions dropping in scale each year from 500MW in 2015 to 400MW in 2016 and ending at 300MW in 2017.