Major PV energy providers (PVEPs) First Solar and SunPower have revealed initial plans for their joint venture yield co via a Nasdaq S-1 filing naming the company 8point3 Energy Partners. 

8point3 Energy Partners will have an initial PV project portfolio of US only projects totalling 432MW. However, the yield co has an initial Right of First Offer (ROFO) of 1,131MW.

Around 75% of the initial projects have 20-24 years of remaining PPA contracts to run, while 16% of the projects have PPA’s outstanding of 16-19 years. Projects said to have contracts over 25 years accounted for 9% of the initial portfolio. 

First Solar’s contribution 

According to the S-1 filing, First Solar is initially contributing 262MW of project to the YieldCo that includes four operating plants, the largest being the Solar Gen 2 project at 150MW. 

First Solar is also offering 630MW of ROFO projects, which include the 250MW Moapa project expected to be completed and operational in December, 2015 and its 300MW Stateline project due to be completed and operation by December, 2016.

In total, First Solar is initially offering four ROFO projects to the yield co. 

SunPower’s contribution 

SunPower is initially providing five projects to the yield co totalling 209MW, which includes the 108MW Quinto project. 

Initial ROFO projects from SunPower total 501MW and include the 102MW Henrietta project. However, SunPower is also offering 188MW from two projects planned to be built in Chile and an 11MW project in Japan.