Update: According to market research firm, NPD Solarbuzz the UK installed 1,085MW in the first quarter of 2014, bringing PV installations in the last six months to 1.54GW.

In a guest blog on PV Tech’s UK sister website, Solar Power Portal UK, Finlay Colville, vice-president, NPD Solarbuzz highlighted that PV installations in the quarter were dominated by ground-mount systems, accounting for around 80% of the record install level.

The record quarter was said to bring UK PV installation levels to 4.46GW, the majority installed since April 2010 when the first FiT system was introduced.

However, there would seem to be a trend towards larger ground-mount projects as a direct result of the ROC system used for large-scale projects and reductions in the payment systems that started in April this year.

Although Colville did not provide data on the project pipeline projections for the rest of 2014, the market analyst hinted of continued momentum through the rest of the year, suggesting that many of the current forecasts for UK installations are now significantly out of sync with actual plans.

According to NPD Solarbuzz, the UK is expected to install around 2.5GW of PV in 2014, while no other forecast available to PV Tech puts installations any higher than 1.7GW.

With such a strong project completions figure for the first quarter, revisions for the UK are expected from other forecasters, which could also lead to tweaks to global installation projections for the full-year.


IHS has told PV Tech that it provided clients a revised forecast for PV installations in the UK on April 4, 2014 but had not publically announced the revision from its previously issued growth forecast. IHS said that UK PV demand in 2014 would reach 2.05GW, up from its recently projected figure of around 1.7GW.