PV module backsheet material specialist Dunmore has recruited Fraunhofer USA's Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (CSE) to consult with its ‘FastCert’ customers on reducing the cost of producing solar modules by increasing performance and lowering material and manufacturing costs. By providing its backsheet material customers access to a network of research and development knowledge, Dunmore hopes that PV module manufacturers gain greater success in the certification processes.

Fraunhofer USA established a specific group within the CSE to focus on PV modules. The PV Module Group is said to work with materials suppliers, equipment vendors and module manufacturers to increase module efficiency, improve product lifetime and reliability, boost manufacturing output, and minimize installation barriers.

"Dunmore's goals for FastCert align with our own goal of facilitating solar energy's expansion," noted Christian Hoepfner, director of technical operations at Fraunhofer CSE. "That expansion hinges on simultaneously reducing costs and increasing performance, which is FastCert's precise focus and very complementary to the work we do here."

"Fraunhofer CSE has the knowledge to find efficiencies and improvements in every phase of solar module design and production," said John Jordon, Dunmore’s VP. "The advice they can provide to module manufacturers is another step toward lowering costs to make solar competitive with more established energy sources."

The FastCert program is designed to streamline product development management, certification, and material supply management throughout all phases of the program.