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Sonnenbatterie, considered to be one of the market leaders in Germany’s emerging solar-plus-storage sector, claims the new version of its Sonnenbatterie Eco battery storage system has more than double the potential lifespan of previous models.

The company said the lithium-ion based system now has a lifetime of 10,000 charge cycles, whereas previous versions could manage up to 5,000. Company spokesman Mathias Bloch told PV Tech that additionally, while the previous models could cycle at a depth of discharge (DoD) of 80%, the new version can manage 100% DoD cycling.

“So Sonnenbatteri Eco 4 (the new model) has a usable capacity of 4kWh,” Bloch said.

According to Sonnenbatterie, the new model’s increased lifespan lowers the cost of stored electricity. The system’s pricing ranges from €0.17 (US$0.18) to €0.24 per kWh depending on the system size. While the price remains the same, Bloch said, the economics improve over time.  

While there is a definite trend of falling PV system sales to German households, the portion of those installed with energy storage options attached is growing, providing something of a lifeline to the market. Germany Trade & Invest, a specialist development lending institution, quotes figures from research firm EU PD that forecast PV-battery systems sales to hit 100,000 by 2018 in the country.

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