Germany, China and the US are the world’s top three utility-scale markets, according to figures from data analysts Wiki-Solar.

For projects over 10MWp, Germany was at the top with 2,846MWp under its belt, China came a very close second with 2,806MWp and the US installed 2,106MWp. Germany was also in the lead for projects of 5MWp capacity.

Despite all the media hype, Japan only features at number 17 although other have predicted the Japanese market to experience a 120% growth spurt in 2013 with a total of 5GW installed capacity expected this year. Japan has been forecast to become the second largest market of 2013, behind China.

A new entry into top 20 is the UK with 16 large projects, including five of 10MW or more which were completed in the first quarter of 2013. The UK’s largest project of 33MW was completed on the former airfield at Wymeswold by Lark Energy.

These figures are due to be presented at this week’s large-scale solar conference in Truro, Cornwall, organised by PV-Tech's publisher Solar Media. For more information, click here.