It has emerged that there may be plans on Germany’s horizon to pass its tariff-cutting legislation by July 7th, according to a Bloomberg report. The rejection of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s plan by officials in the upper house last month saw the bill being sent to a parliamentary panel for arbitration, a decision on which is scheduled for tomorrow, June 13th.

If the government and regional heads come to an agreement this week on the proposed legislation, it is likely that efforts will be made to complete the ruling by July 7th. Chancellor Merkel’s plans are aimed at halving the installation rate of solar plants in the country after the country’s FiT system incentivized the establishment of a record 7.5GW of installations last year.

The country recently surpassed the world record for a single day's power generation from solar, producing 22GW in a single day.

Further information on the development of Germany's subsidies uncertainty is available here.