In the first five months of 2013, Germany added 1.5GW of new PV capacity, almost half the level (2.58GW) installed in the same period of 2012.
According to the latest figures from the Bundesnetzagentur authority, a total of 344.2MW was installed in May, up from 254MW in May, 2012.
Susanne von Aichberger, Analyst at NPD Solarbuzz said, “Even though the first 5 months of 2013 are in the range of the same period in the previous 3 boom years, we project the total 2013 market to be much smaller, as we don’t expect any peaks ahead of steep funding cuts, as has happened in the past.”
The German Government has previously stated that it wanted to target new PV capacity this year at between 3.5GW - 4.5GW. 
Deutsche Bank is currently forecasting PV installations in Germany to reach 3.5GW, a 54% decline from 7.2GW installed in 2012. 
The key monthly data should be June as previously the month has typically experienced the highest install levels. In 2012, June installations in Germany reached 1.79GW. 
NPD Solarbuzz recently noted the major shift of PV demand away from Europe to Asia, notably China and Japan. The market research firm is forecasting that European market demand will remain above 10GW in 2013.