Germany’s total installed solar capacity for 2013 was 3.3GW according to new data from the federal network authority, Bundesnetzagentur.

December’s installed capacity under the country’s support scheme was 166MW confirming that 2013 saw less than half 2012’s total of 7.6GW.

Market research firm EuPD had been predicting a total install rate of 3.9GW.

The new German coalition government is looking to enforce a 2.5GW cap for solar energy in the country under new energy laws that it hopes to pass during the summer.

The government is also being criticised for plans to introduce a levy on self-consumed power.

Günther Häckl, president of the country’s solar trade group, BSW-Solar, compared the situation to taxing people for food they grow in their garden in order to subsidise farmers.

“It is an aberration and counterproductive to penalise climate-friendly solar power producers,” he said.

The country’s BDI business lobby group has also hit out at the plans warning that the additional charge put 900,000 jobs at risk.