Following the success of two pilot 2.5MW solar rooftop projects in the state capital city of Gandhinagar in India, Gujarat Power Corporation Ltd. (GPCL), an Indian project developer for the energy sector, has invited companies to bid for five rooftop PV projects in the state of Gujarat, India. The projects have a combined capacity of 25MW.

The projects have been split into three “packages”. Package A consists of a 5MW project in Vadodara and a 5MW in Mehsana. Package B consists of a 6.5MW project in Rajkot and a 3.5MW project in Bhavnagar. Package C, meanwhile, consists of a 5MW project in Surat. Interested parties must bid for the packages rather than individual projects within these packages.

The bids will be held under the Gandhinagar Photovoltaic Rooftop Program (GPRP) which also encompasses the two pilot projects in Gandhinagar. Winning bidders will develop the projects and benefit from a feed-in tariff for a duration of 25 years. .