Grid parity for residential and commercial consumers is within reach in many European countries, according to the PV Parity project consortium.

The European project has assessed the evolution of system prices, retail electricity prices, and cost of financing, as well as the capacity in various countries to self-consume photovoltaic electricity produced.

The group says its findings are decisive: grid parity – the moment when electricity generated from solar photovoltaics is competitive against other sources –  is imminent in several countries.

In a statement issued today the consortium stressed that the smooth transition to full grid parity will be essential to adapt support schemes properly in the coming years.

The PV Parity project has analysed PV grid parity in the residential, commercial and utility scale segments in 11  European countries.

According to the results, grid parity is starting to be achieved already in Germany, Southern Italy, Netherlands and Spain in 2012. 

These countries should be followed by Northern Italy, Portugal and Austria in the next two years and then progressively by other countries.

The consortium said by  the end of the decade, depending on how prices evolve and on the cost of financing, grid parity could be achieved in all target countries.