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Hanwha’s new multicrystalline PV module prototype achieved an efficiency rating of 19.5%. Image: Hanwha Q Cells

Hanwha’s new multicrystalline PV module prototype achieved an efficiency rating of 19.5%. Image: Hanwha Q Cells

Solar module manufacturer Hanwha Q CELLS has officially set a new world record in multicrystalline PV module efficiency, as the independent Fraunhofer ISE CalLab confirmed an efficiency rating of 19.5% in relation to the aperture area and a power output of 301 watts for a new Hanwha module. 

It is the first time that a multicrystalline solar module with a standard size of 1670 x 1000 mm2 broke through the 300-watt barrier. The module features Hanwha’s Q.ANTUM technology based on rear side passivation of the solar cell and using additional module technology features to optimise the efficiency of PV modules and cut down the levelised cost of electricity in regards to solar energy.

This record-breaking prototype is comprised of high-efficiency multicrystalline Q.ANTUM solar cells with four bus bars produced on the the pilot line of Hanwha’s Center for Technology Innovation and Quality in Thalheim, Germany. The module size is equal to Hanwha’scurrent 60 cell product lines (1670 x 1000 mm2) and used the standard module components that are identical to what are currently being used in Hanwha’s mass-scale commercial production lines.

Jörg Müller, director of R&D cells at Hanwha Q CELLS, said: "The industry has been trying hard to push the efficiency and power output of multicrystalline solar cells and modules. We have been extremely confident that the know-how and experience from inventing, developing and commercializing Q.ANTUM technology would give us the decisive competitive edge. Now we are very proud to be the first PV company to present a 19.5% solar module efficiency based on multicrystalline cells. Up until now, such values were only reached using monocrystalline silicon and complex processing."

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