Global PV company Hanwha Q Cells and energy storage company Systems Sunlight have teamed up to construct a hybrid power system for telecommunications provider MTN Cyprus.

The power system consists of off-grid PV modules that have been installed at MTN Cyprus' 15 base stations located across the mountainous regions of the Mediterranean island. These modules, which equal out to a total capacity of 31.7 kWp, will produce power for the stations, replacing the previous diesel-powered generators.

The power system not only consists of Hanwha Q Cells’ PV modules, but also Systems Sunlight’s OPzV solar batteries.

Stefanos Latinos, commercial director for stationary batteries, energy projects & service solutions at Systems Sunlight, said: “We see great potential in off-grid energy solutions worldwide with Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean as especially promising regions – mainly for telecommunications and residential applications.”

As a result of the new system, MTN Cyprus is expected to save 142,500 litres of oil per year while also reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 370,000 kilograms.