Hilary Clinton has said she wants the US to install 500 million panels within four years of her taking office, as the US presidential candidate outlined details about her energy and climate plan.

The favourite for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination outlined her goals for renewable energy yesterday, speaking at a rally in Ames, Iowa, while a release on her website shortly afterwards detailed additional plans.

Clinton wants to expand on the rollout of utility-scale solar witnessed under current president Barack Obama’s tenure and increase the country’s installed solar capacity to 140GW by 2020, stating her ambition of producing enough electricity from renewable energy sources to power ever US home within a decade of her taking office.

She also said she intended to extend federal clean energy tax incentives should she win next year’s election with the aim of making them more “cost-effective” for companies producing renewable energy and tax payers, and has also promised to protect efforts to curb emissions from power plants enforced by Barack Obama.

Clinton said she wanted “more wind, more solar, more advanced biofuels [and] more energy efficiency” at the rally, before swiping at Republic politicians who have expressed doubts over climate change.

"It’s hard to believe there are people running for president who still refuse to accept the science of climate change, who would rather remind us they are not scientists than listen to those who are," she said. "You don’t have to be a scientist to take on this urgent challenge that threatens us all, you just have to be willing to act.

"On day one of as president I will set out ambitious national goals that will test our capacities, but that I know are within our reach. First I will ensure we hit a target of having more than half a bill solar panels installed across the country by the end of my first term. Second we’ll set a 10-year goal of generating enough renewable energy to power every single home in America."

Additional details of Clinton’s energy and climate plan are due to be released later this week.

Earlier this month utility-scale PV tracking website Wiki-Solar stated the US to once again by the top market in the world with 604 separate plants generating more than 10GW of capacity, however its position is under threat from China which is rapidly deploying increased capacity.

While the Democratic Party has yet to confirm its nomination for next year’s election, Hilary Clinton is considered the strong favourite and has made the environment a central theme of her campaign so far.

Her husband Bill Clinton served as US President between 1993 and 2001 and was also successful in highlighting environmental issues, campaigning to reduce carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions while also promising to increase air quality.  

Americans take to the polls in November next year to elect a successor for Barack Obama, who has held office since his landmark victory in 2008.